About Us

The name of our company as you probably guessed is M7 Bespoke.

This name came to us because we felt it was cool and masculine, with a bit of edge. Plus we like the lucky 7!

All of us at M7 pride ourselves in making the best fitted/bespoke garments, whether they be suits, jackets, shirts or trousers, sculpted to every part of your body frame. At M7 we know what looks good, what suits who, and which cut will compliment our clients the most. We match this by delivering to you the highest level of customer service possible with a real smile! This is not just a line in a brochure for us, this is our ethos and our way of life. We aspire to make YOU, our client, 100% happy with every stitch we make. This is our promise and we will not leave you alone until you are proud of our work.

We look forward to working together.

Moni Nanda, Managing Director