by Moni on April 22, 2013

The mystique surrounding a bespoke suit has diminished in recent years – no longer are they only the preserve of a moneyed-elite who frequent Savile Row – but by no means are they any less special. Opting to go bespoke is one of the biggest (and wisest) investments any gentleman can make. With this in mind, allow us to fly the flag for just why it’s the best choice – and we guarantee, once you go bespoke, there’s not going back…


Single or double breasted? Pinstripe or plain? There is literally no other sartorial opportunity to fine-tune your dream suit to precisely your own style agenda. Over the decades suit cut trends come and go in and out of fashion – from the boxy silhouettes of the 80′s to the leaner ones of recent years, but nothing means business like a well-cut suit unique to you and no one else. Bespoke really is the best investment in your style – and ultimately, yourself.


Everyone remembers designer Alexander McQueen’s infamous confession of sneaking in embroidered profanities into the Prince of Wales’ suits when working on Savile Row. Well, as much as HRH was oblivious to his suit’s ‘hidden extra’s’ you can choose any flash of fun to inject some personality into your creation. Whether it’s a bold, vibrant lining within a conservative suit or having a name or date monogrammed inside, getting to add the extra special zing to your tailoring is a rare opportunity.


Nobody likes conveyor-belt fashion and in the era of sweat-shop outsourcing, there are moral reasons to purchase from a skilled tailor than a retail behemoth. Supporting craftsmen, heritage and talent is vital to nurture the businesses of suit artisans.


Getting a bespoke suit is not just about the finished product: it’s the chance to experience probably the most attentive and passionate service a gentleman could want. Your chosen tailor will guide you through the service from start to finish and you will be made to feel like a king. From measurings and fittings to unparalleled advice on fabrics and cuts, the experience in itself is as worthy as your beautiful end result.


An off the peg is never the same, even modified. A cheap suit may be kinder on your wallet but the chances of it fitting you correctly are as slim as you wish your waistline looked. Even splurging on a designer suit there’s no guarantee it will fit you any better yet it will dent your wallet the same as a bespoke. Remember: nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting, gaping (or gasping) suit, irrespective of the label inside – and don’t underestimate the enduring comfort of one which fits you like a glove.


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